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10 January 2016 - Science, Engineering and Management News


The Power of Asking Pivotal Questions

In a rapidly changing business landscape, executives need the ability to quickly spot both new opportunities and hidden risks. Asking the right questions can help you broaden your perspective — and make smarter decisions.

Question One: How well do you understand the implications of broad market trends and less visible undercurrents for your business and for upcoming strategic choices?

Question Two: How thoroughly have you analyzed major external uncertainties and future scenarios that could significantly impact your business decisions?

Question Three: Do you regularly seek out diverse views to see multiple sides of complex issues, and do you purposely explore important problems from several angles? 

Question Four: Do you deploy multiple lenses to connect dots from diverse sources and stakeholders, and do you delve deep to see important connections that others miss? 

Question Five: Do you generate and evaluate multiple options when making a strategic decision, and do you consider the risks of each, including unintended consequences? 

Question Six: Do you encourage experiments and “failing fast” as a source of innovation and quick learning?
(from MIT Management Review - Winter 2015)



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