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Engineering and Management News - Favorite Web Pages - 2017

23 October 2017

10 Tips on How to Become a Thought Leader

500 crore factory set up in India in 15 months.

18 August

17 August

A CEO's Guide to Digital Transformation - BCG 2017

3 August

Workspace satisfaction: The privacy-communication trade-off in open-plan offices
JungsooKim and Richardde Dear
Journal of Environmental Psychology
Volume 36, December 2013, Pages 18-26

Cloud computing, designed for developers.

Gordon Haff
Red Hat cloud guy, photographer, traveler, writer. Opinions are mine alone.
Jul 17
Six must-haves for hybrid cloud management

How to Catalyze Innovation in Your Organization
MIT SMR Magazine: Summer 2017 IssueResearch Feature June 13, 2017  Reading Time: 24 min
Michael Arena, Rob Cross, Jonathan Sims, and Mary Uhl-Bien
Emergent innovation occurs when entrepreneurial individuals within an organization incubate and advance new ideas for addressing customer needs and dynamically changing market conditions.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Engineering and Management News - Favorite Web Pages - July 2017

26 July

How to Unleash the Value of Sensors and Big Data

Drone Technology - 2017 Update

IoT Product Management

Why Do So Many Managers Avoid Giving Praise?
Jack ZengerJoseph Folkman
MAY 02, 2017

25 July

JUL 18, 2017
Emerging Applications For Blockchain

OCTOBER 11, 2015
Building management automation: IoT meets facilities management for sustainable buildings

10 ways big data is revolutionising supply chain management
By Louis Columbus
07 September 2015,

2017 IoT World Conference and the State of the IoT Industry
By Daniel Elizalde

Dual economy - 20% high wage - 80% low wage

24 July

280 page report on machine learning and investment analysis by JP Morgan

22 July
4 Ways Augmented Reality Could Change Corporate Training Forever

20 July

Competing in the age of artificial intelligence

19 July

Top 10 Machine Learning Use Cases: Part 1
Steve Moore
IBM Story Strategist. Machine Learning researcher.

17 July


11 July

Smart Factories are a Reality

84 percent of respondents to Capgemini’s global Smart Factories Report claimed to have a “smart factory” initiative in place, in which web-connected manufacturing processes based on advanced automation and robotics are deployed alongside big data analytics and the internet of things (IoT) to improve the productivity, quality and efficiency of a factory.

In the same report, over half of the manufacturing executives surveyed (56%) said they’d invested over $100 million in such initiatives over the last five years, with 20 percent claiming to have invested $500 million or more.

KPMG and CILIP are working together to publish  a revised and updated edition of Information as an Asset: originally written by a committee under the chairmanship of Dr Robert Hawley on behalf of the KPMG IMPACT programme.

AI, and Robotics in  Agriculture to increase productivity

Elon Musk is now the proud owner of his company's first mass market electric car.

Amazon is rolling out its own version of Best Buy's popular Geek Squad service and will  offer in-home product installations and repairs on electronics and appliances. Amazon says the staff will be its employees.

There is need for knowledge sharing by successful people.

Using a randomized field experiment with 100 high-growth technology firms, we show that founders who received advice from other founders with more “hands-on” management styles were more likely to reorient their own management activity and, subsequently, experience lower employee attrition and higher rates of firm survival eight months after the intervention.

Effective leaders put empathy before technology

Something weird happens to companies when they hit 150 people.
More structure is needed.

10 July



8 July
Distortions and deceptions in strategic decisions
By Dan P. Lovallo and Olivier Sibony

France To Ban All Gas And Diesel Cars By 2040
The country wants to become a global climate leader.

4 Simple Tips to Improve Your Business Efficiency
Nothing matters more than an efficient business that works smart as well as hard. There is always room to improve efficiency!

Resolving digital tensions in the boardroom

IISc to get Rs 3,000-crore foundry to produce ‘wonder’ nano material


Dominate Your Next Negotiation: An FBI Hostage Negotiator Explains the 90-Second Rule
A master negotiator explains his golden rule for making deals.

7 July 2017

15 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Intelligent automation and the future of work

9 Ways to Convert Employees into Intrapreneurs

4 July 2017

Culture Building Utilizing the The Middle Manager Perspective

Over the last several months, the author had a series of conversations with middle managers across companies of all sizes. Four topics: education, success, work environment, and value were expressed as concerns by many of them. Focusing on these four areas and developing measures to overcome these concerns will generate support from management teams and help build a strong positive culture that will aid the future development of the organization.

Training for IoT Product Managers
How to Use Mockups to Get Buy-in and Speed Up Your Releases

Testing IoT Devices

Article McKinsey Quarterly April 2017

Why effective leaders must manage up, down, and sideways

By Thomas Barta and Patrick Barwise

Article McKinsey Quarterly April 2017

How functional leaders become CEOs

By Michael Birshan, Thomas Meakin, and Kurt Strovink

3 July 2017

You have to recognize the positive contribution of your associates to give them confidence and motivation.

2July 2017

What is Stratis?

1 July 2017

July - Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision Plan

Are You Set Up to Achieve Your Big Data Vision?
BCG Article

Robotics Gripper Arm Dataset - Dataset for analyzing data and developing neural net algorithms to design grips or to decide grasp or try

You need leadership, not GREEDership.

Definition of Greeder New Word Suggestion

Greeder: A greedy person

A Harvard and Columbia Study Reveals the Secret Trick to Efficiency and Happiness:

It is the Posture